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3 simple abundance spells


Call in all the abundance goddess ✨ Abundance is a state of mind and these spells are the dreamiest ritual to call in your most opulent life. No magical experience required, these spells are for everyone.


Spell #1: Cinnamon ritual

Cinnamon is a beautiful spice you likely have in your cabinet. Cinnamon has long been believed to imbue abundance and prosperity. Try this simple spell to invite abundance into your home.

1. Grab a small amount of cinnamon (about 1/4 teaspoon or less)

2. Stand outside of your home's front door with the door open

3. Blow the cinnamon from your palm into your home to enchant it with abundance

4. While the cinnamon is in the air, repeat the following incantation "Prosperity is welcome here. Abundance is welcome here. And so it is done"

5. After blowing the cinnamon, you can sweep it out if you'd like or leave it to linger.

Spell #2: Color magick

Work with color magick and tap into the energy of the color GREEN 💚

Of course green is the color of money (which we love!), and green is also deeply symbolic of the growth and abundance found in nature.

Nature knows nothing but abundance- she will grow, bloom and flourish even in the most negative circumstances. AS WILL YOU ✨

The spell:

Add green into your space: lush green plants (a money tree is beautiful for this!) will be a reminder of your ability to flourish and grow

Wear green: Think gorgeous jewel tone green for all the empress vibes

Work with green crystals: Our favorite green crystal for abundance is malachite. She gives all the lush + opulent vibes 🌿 Jade + green aventurine are also beautiful green stones.

All these beautiful shades of green will influence your aura subtly and invite abundance.

While working with the color green, try to the following invocation "I am blooming and flourishing as nature designed"

Spell #3: Abundance mindset spell

When most people think of abundance, they think of money (which is amazing, don't get me wrong ✨) but let's dive deeper into what abundance truly means.

When most people want to call in more abundance, they typically might be thinking of calling in more money.

But if you look deeper, true abundance is the experiences or emotions we feel the money will bring.

For example, you might feel that if you just had more money you could start to relax more or you may feel more joyful. 

When we can access this state of being, we can begin to attract more abundance as our frequency resonates with a level of prosperity and ease.

Try this journaling spell to re-write your subconscious:

1. How would I feel if I had more abundance in my life?

2. What self-care practices would I have if I felt more abundant?

3. What limiting beliefs are keeping me from feeling these emotions and integrating these practices now?

4. What actions or beliefs am I going to integrate to live in a more abundant frequency?

Seal the spell with the following invocation "I release the money story that has been written for me. I am writing a story of abundance" This spell is beautiful to do during the new moon to set your new intentions.

Remember: Your natural state is abundance and the magic is all within you to manifest it. What abundance spell will you try, goddess?



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