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ARIES FULL MOON: energy forecast + fire breath ritual

Step into your fiery power this full moon in Aries (Sunday, October 9th). It's time to reclaim your passion and find the beauty in the every day. Celebrate this full moon with a breath of fire ritual to take back your power.

Hello goddess, 

Are you ready to be big, bold, brilliant?

To step into your light, fully and wholly? 

Just as the moon moves towards fullness and darkness every month, so too, do we. 

Aries is the adventurer, the go-getter of the zodiac. She is the first sprouts of spring, coming up courageously through the frost. She is the sun, waxing larger and longer in the sky. 

An Aries full moon always falls in Libra season - her opposite, her partner, her sister. Just as Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac cycle by ushering in spring, Libra gently guides us into autumn.

The autumn equinox on the 22nd September is the turn of the year to a time of slowing down, finding balance, and reconnecting - with Self and with others. A switch from the more masculine, action-and-sun-driven half of the year, to the feminine, rest-and-moon-lit half of the year. 

Aries and Libra are an interesting pair - Aries, ruled by Mars, and Libra, ruled by Venus; a divine pairing of action and of beauty.

This full moon, can you find the balance of finding the beauty in everything you do?

This Aries full moon encourages you to look at the projects that are beginning to languish and need that extra drive and passion to bring them to completion. What steps do you need to take to ensure that the work you still have to do, gets done? 

This energy is reminiscent of the Page of Wands; that tentative, if confident step forward into the new, the different, filled with the self-knowledge that whatever comes your way can be handled with grace and competence. 

Reflection Questions for this Full Moon: 

Take a sacred pause and reflect on your energy this full moon. If you wish, create a fall ritual space and grab your journal to reflect.

  • What is something you have been avoiding doing because you lack the confidence? How can you boldly take the reins and do the thing? 
  • In what ways do you shine the brightest? Take a moment now to appreciate your brilliance, your shine. Let that confidence grow within you, and allow the glow that naturally emerges from feeling into your confidence to light your way forward. 
  • As the year approaches its last months, are there any unfinished projects that you want to complete? How can you start bringing fresh energy to them now so you may complete the year with a feeling of accomplishment - or are there some things you have to let go, and greet them in the new year with fresh eyes? 


Aries Full Moon Ritual: Fire Breath

Set up your sacred space - whether that is by lighting candles, incense, using sage or palo santo, creating a circle around you with your crystals, adorning yourself with your favored goddess jewelry. 

Get comfortable, in a place that you can relax in - but not too comfortable that you drift off. You can be seated on a chair, on the floor, or even lying down. 

As you ground into the space, become aware of your breath. Observe its patterns; in and out, in and out. Start to mindfully slow down your inhales and exhales… 

Once you feel you’re comfortable, start to inhale for ten seconds; hold your breath at the top of the inhale for ten seconds; exhale for ten seconds. You can close your eyes and keep count, or set a timer. 

For each inhale, repeat to yourself: I bring in all the power that is mine

For each exhale, repeat to yourself: I surrender to the power of the Universe

Repeat this thirty-second breathing pattern as often as you need to. 


During this full moon, notice if you are drawn to more physical activities than you are usually - and embrace them fully. Dance wildly under the moon; swelter in a hot yoga class; go for a run and admire the changing of the seasons. Feel into the mystical and physical side of your existence this full - such a tangible reminder that we are Here, Now. 

Aries is the reminder of the Power that lives within You, goddess. 

Always remember that the life you lead is one filled with passion and with love; that these things are abundant within you and around you - once you have the grace to look. To remember. To be. 

The world is excited to welcome your biggest, boldest, and most brilliant self, goddess. 

Written for Terra Luna Sol by:

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