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Find your crystal message ✨

Crystals have a way of finding us when we need it most. With every order we include an intuitively chosen crystal for you to deepen your rituals.

Look for the crystal name written on your card and find her message below to receive intuitive guidance from the universe (listed alphabetically).


expression | authenticity | hope

I am safe to express my divine truth.


balance | stress relief | spirituality

The balance and ease I crave can be found within.

Black tourmaline

protection | grounding | safety

My energy is a sacred gift for those I choose to share it with.

Blue chalcedony 

communication | serenity | ethereal energy

My voice is a channel for my heart's message. I speak freely and without worry.


passion | vitality | desire

I give myself permission to express my passion and sensuality.


divine connection | higher consciousness | intuition

I open my channels to receive guidance and protection from my angels. 

Cherry blossom agate

feminine energy | receiving | softness

There is strength in my vulnerability.


clarity | focus | intuition

I tap into my deep well of wisdom to bring my desires to life.

green aventurine

abundance | luck | optimism

I am entering a new era of abundance and joy. 


grounding | comfort | safety

I am safe now, I can let down my guard.


insight | intuition | higher purpose

I tap into my divine guidance to direct me to my highest purpose.

Indigo Gabbro (merlinite)

insight | confidence | mysticism

I see my path clearly and am guided by my higher purpose.


luck | prosperity | dreams

Abundance is all around me and I welcome good fortune.

kambaba jasper 

detoxification | anxiety relief | inner peace

I cleanse and nourish the garden of my soul


mysticism | transformation | magic

I believe in my inner magic. My dreams are always manifesting into reality.

Lapis lazuli

intuition | self-expression | ancient wisdom

I possess infinite wisdom and allow my intuition to guide me.


protection | grounding | transformation

I move through life knowing I am safe, divinely guided and protected.


Harmony | divine connection | peace

I meet all of life's challenges with a sense of ease and grace. What is meant for me will never pass me by.


ancestral wisdom | grounding | healing

I am guided by the wisdom of my ancestors and the energy of the Earth.


intuition | divine feminine | new beginnings

I am in tune with my divine feminine energy and the gifts of wisdom she presents.

Moss agate

stability | health | balance

I am in perfect harmony with my body and environment.

Peach moonstone

radiance | feminine energy | new beginnings

I radiate light and beauty. My aura is beautiful.

Pink agate

comfort | release | grounding

I can release my worries and surrender them to the universe knowing I'll always be taken care of.


abundance | success | confidence 

I attract abundance effortlessly. I am magnetic to all of my desires.


heart healing | compassion | beauty

I open my heart to the beauty of new possibilities.

Rose quartz

healing | self-love | heart softening

It is safe for me to bring down my walls and accept the love I desire.


awakening | peace | connection to the Angel realms

I honor my angels by allowing myself peace and joy.


kundalini energy | transformation | shedding

I release past identities I've outgrown. I am the conscious creator of my future. 


higher consciousness | intuition | truth

I speak my truth and honor myself above all else.


radiance | vitality | optimism

I am radiant and full of life. My positive aura attracts effortlessly.

tiger's eye

confidence | radiance | abundance

I am capable of creating the abundant life I desire.


balance | healing | release

I release the past and honor my healing.




I got Kambaba jasper, buuuut it’s not on the list here lol


I got a sodalite crystal, I am super happy with the message ☺️ I am trying to be honest with myself at all times, even when I don’t want to be. So I think it greatly fits.

Thank you for the bracelet as well, it is super pretty! I love it and am extremely happy with my order!

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