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Full Moon in Pisces Guide

What to expect with the beautiful full moon in Pisces this Saturday September 10th and how to plan for Mercury retrograde happening the same day!

We can look to Medea, a powerful ancient sorceress, for lessons and guidance this full moon. Plus head to the bottom for a beautiful full moon ritual.

Written for Terra Luna Sol by poet, word weaver and mystic- Britt Mchugh

Welcome, goddess! 

How are you feeling as we approach this full moon on Saturday? 

The full moon is always a potent time of release, of illuminating what needs to evolve and transform. 

Many people work with the moon cycles because it is such a visible reminder - 

Look to the sky, and see her glowing with her light as she waxes and wanes. 

Our ancestors marked time by the moon cycles, by the dance of the stars; and as we reconnect to that deeper wisdom within ourselves, we honor that most sacred tradition. 

To those new to astrology, you may not yet know that each full moon falls in different zodiac signs; and the yummy thing about full moons in particular is that they fall in the opposing sign than the current season, allowing us to exploring a different - but still connected - energy every moonth. So, as we are in Virgo season, the sister-sign this full moon falls in is dreamy Pisces. 

To top this particular full moon off is the pairing of a semi-regular astrological event, which you may have heard of; the same day the moon shines her brightest, Mercury goes Retrograde.

This simply means that when you track Mercury in the night sky, you will notice he is travelling backwards along his usual route, before he moves forwards again in a few weeks.

Because of where we are in our solar system, and the varying revolutions each planet has, this retrograde is observed of many other planets - easily explained by science, and something observed by ancient astronomers. 

This may all sound confusing, overwhelming, even, and as this Pisces full moon approaches, the story that comes to mind is that of Medea; one of the two infamous witches in Greek mythology. 

The story of Medea:

If you want to talk about dreams going awry and taking things too far - a theme that may come up with this full moon and Mercury Retrograde - Medea is your girl. 

Daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis, and granddaughter of the Titan Helios, Medea was born for greatness; or so she herself believed. So when a handsome stranger swept her off her feet on his quest with the Argonauts, how could she refuse him, his charm, his promise of marriage - in exchange for her father’s treasured golden fleece?

Using pharmaka( Φάρμακα, trans. drugs, poison, herbs; one of the few words in Greek that is also translated to magic), she killed the unsleeping snake that protected the golden fleece and fled with it - off to adventure, and a husband. 

This is the Pisces energy - big dreams, romance, escapism, and the magic to make them happen. 

The Mercury Retrograde energy is what happened next: 

While haring off across the ocean and being chased by her father, Medea turns to her husband-to-be with a plan to slow down their pursuers: to kill her younger brother, for her father would be honor-bound to perform the funerary rites, thus giving Jason and Medea time to escape. 

Medea’s story is one of blood and tragedy; even after marrying Jason, she was so stained by this sin, and Jason so eager to rid himself of her, that when he was presented a marriage to a younger and unassuming woman, he left Medea for the easy choice.

You know the saying: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… let alone a witch. Medea killed the young woman, and took her revenge one step further: she killed her sons, to spite Jason. 

So here’s your reminder that just because Mercury is going Retrograde it is not okay to:

Steal the fleece from your father for a handsome stranger.

Kill your brother while running from your father with said handsome stranger.

Marry handsome stranger, bear his children, and then kill them because your husband goes for a younger woman.

Disappear into the ether where no one knows what happened to you except ~ alleged accounts ~ 

So how can we use Mercury Retrograde to our advantage? 

Mercury going retrograde is a period of recalibration and reset. To look at the places in your life that need re-adjusting, and reflect on how to bring about these changes.

If you miss your train stop, yes - blame Mercury retrograde. But also use the experience as a lesson to, for example, be more aware of your surroundings. 

When Mercury spins backward in our night sky, it is an opportunity for us to learn; and with it paired with Pisces, it is an invitation to look deeply at your dreams.

Where have you allowed your dreams to get too big that you no longer feel you can reach for them? Where have you compromised yourself, your values, for your dreams? What dreams are yours - and which are not yours, but those you have inherited, from parents, communities, loved ones? 

Medea was so attached to her dream of escape, she clung onto the first thing that offered that to her: a dashing young man. She was undone by this same dream - sacrificing herself, her goodness, to continue down a path that no longer was for her, alienating the people around her, and turning her to-be husband against her even before they were married.  

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to recognize when we have outgrown a dream, and to acknowledge that dreams change, evolve, as we, too, change and evolve. This is not a bad thing - it’s life. Let your old dreams go with love, grieve them, forgive yourself for what you need to, and set your sights on a new dream to apply your magic to. 

This is the wonder of a full moon: releasing old energy so you may welcome in the new. 

So, goddess, what magic will you create next?

Releasing old dreams ritual: 

Try this releasing dreams ritual to free yourself from past dreams and allow yourself to look into the future:

  1. Write your old dream on a piece of paper. Hold it to your heart, remember what it felt to nurture and carry it at the beginning. 
  2. Thank it, for it helped you get through the hard times; it pushed you to do and be better in pursuit of it. 
  3. Then let it go:
    1. Burn the piece of paper and let the wind carry the dream away to its new home OR-
    2. Bury the piece of paper and return it to the earth, so it may grow into something new.
  4. Affirm: I am abundant. What is meant for me will flow to me with ease. What is meant for me will stay.

Mercury Retrograde survival tips

Use these tips to stay grounded and centered amidst any tumultuous or chaotic energy:

1. Take some time off your phone, away from emails, messages, calls.

2. Reconnect with nature.

3. If things feel like they’re going awry, remind yourself it’s not happening to you, but for you - can you see the lesson in it? 

3. Communicate slowly and with more care, for others also are experiencing Mercury Retrograde. 

4. Be kind, to yourself and to others. 

5. Connect with people in person - not just over social media. 

6. When travelling, double and triple check your travel details.


Written for Terra Luna Sol by:


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