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Invoking the divine feminine with cherry blossom agate

Feeling stress or overwhelmed from being in masculine energy daily? Practice feminine embodiment with one of our favorite crystals, cherry blossom agate.

Hello goddess! I wanted to share one of my favorite crystals for working with your divine feminine energy- cherry blossom agate. 

Maybe you've heard of "divine feminine energy", but what is it? It seems to be trending right now, but how can you actually integrate this into your daily life?

Put simply, divine feminine energy is an essence or state of being that encompasses feminine energies- receiving, softness, flow, ritual, beauty and intuition.

While both men and woman have feminine and masculine energy, your natural state may lean more towards the feminine.

However, our modern society puts MUCH higher value on masculine energy. Producing, achieving, logic, rigidity and action are some hallmarks of masculine energy.

These are all beautiful things and we need this in our lives to achieve and grow.

But what happens if we live there and don't allow feminine energy to thrive?

You may begin to feel burnt out, high-strung, stressed and not like yourself.

This can also display as body tension, constant rushing, inability to sleep, or feeling like there is always "one more thing" that needs to be done.

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is invite our feminine energy back in with grace and love.

So goddess, it's time to reclaim your feminine energy and flow and allow yourself the softness and sweetness you deserve.

One of my favorite ways to invite back the feminine is to practice ritual, affirmations, and connect with the beautiful energy of crystals to bring new frequencies to us.

See why cherry blossom agate is such a divine choice for connecting to your feminine energy and find our favorite embodiment ritual below 🌹

Cherry blossom agate- the divine feminine crystal


Cherry blossom agate

Chakras: heart | root

Properties: healing | softness | feminine energy | grounding | embodiment

Cherry blossom agate (also known as flower agate or sakura agate) is one of the most beautiful stones for connecting to your feminine essence.

It is a beautiful heart and root chakra stone (a rare combination in stones)

This combination is beautiful for soothing and opening the heart, while creating safety and stability with the root chakra.

This energy is all about inspiring trust and openness to receive kindness and love instead of always be giving 🌹

A reminder that YOU are worthy of receiving care and love just as much as others.

Known as the stone of "re-blooming" she can be especially useful when on a journey of reclaiming ourselves, calling back our power, and letting our true essence shine unapologetically.

A reminder to let yourself soften, flow and "re-bloom" into your true self goddess.

To use cherry blossom agate to connect with your divine feminine essence, try our cherry blossom embodiment ritual.

The ritual: this divine feminine embodiment ritual is a beautiful experience to gift yourself with and encourages softening and flow.

Add this ritual to your evening or morning routine whenever you feel the need to soften. It can also be wonderful for after the work day when we can feel most drained from masculine energy.

Cherry blossom agate ritual for feminine embodiment:

1: Set the tone

Feel free to turn on soft lighting or music, light incense or a candle or do whatever helps you feel grounded and connected to yourself.

2: Flow

Give yourself a moment to stretch and freely flow. Notice where you might be holding any tension and allow it to soften. 

3. Receive

Hold your cherry blossom agate with your left hand (our left hand is known as the "receiving l or feminine hand).

Take a moment to connect with the stone's energy and notice the soft, flowing and blooming flower plumes. Receive her soft energy and deep breathe for a moment or two.

4: Invoke 

While holding the cherry blossom agate in your left hand, hold your right hand over your heart and repeat the following feminine invocation:

I open my heart to receive love.

I am worthy of being cherished and cared for.

I am safe to put down my masculine shield.

I soften into my feminine energy and gifts.

I connect to the divine goddess within.

Allow yourself to move, deep breathe, or repeat the invocation for as long as you feel.

Take note how your body feels after this- you may notice a tension release or weight lifting as you slip into a more flowing energy.

Carry your cherry blossom agate with you to connect with her energy throughout the day as a reminder of your divine feminine energy.

And remember goddess, your essence is divine and you are worthy of care, love, and rest  🌹

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