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The sacred practice of aromatherapy alchemy

Learn how to practice intentional alchemy + work with sacred plant energy to transform your energy, bring mindfulness and alchemize your day. 

Hello, goddess!

The ability to transmute one thing into something else is magic indeed. 

To change a bad situation into an opportunity; a heartbreak into a book; a dream into reality; a few simple ingredients into a homemade dish.  

That pure act of creation is a conscious one - for without consciousness, how can transformation take place? 

Herbal women, wise women, witchy women were burned at the stake for this creation, this transformation of the mundane into the divine - and the trauma of that has haunted feminines for generations.

To be feminine is to create; it is centered in our wombs, connected to our voice. And our voices have been stifled, talked over, ignored for so long - we may not even remember we have a voice. 

If you feel drawn to working with aromatherapy, you too must feel that deep soul call to the divine; to the creation; to the transformation. 

To the alchemy.

Reclaiming that integral part of ourselves - our creativity, our voice - requires a transformation.

From old, learned paradigms of silence to new, engaged paradigms of expression. 

This shift doesn’t have to be a huge one, either; something as simple as being more mindful as you make your morning tea or coffee can bring about a transformation. 

In a daily practice, the use of aromatherapy can help you alchemize your day. We have everyday stresses that can be eased by bringing a bit more mindfulness into the day, something that helps ground us into the present moment.

And from this intentionality, we create, we express. 

Aromatherapy is the use of scents and the properties of essential oils to better your health and well-being, and can be easily incorporated into your every day.

By using essential oils, and knowing of their benefits, you can mindfully create the energy you want to bring to your day - or use them to transform your day into something else. 

“Essential oils are valuable in so many quite different ways that it’s hard to find a word or even an expression that fully describes what they can do. They are perhaps best known as materia medica - a system of healing; but essential oils can also be used throughout the home and workplace to enhance well-being and lifestyle.”
-Valeria Ann Worword, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, pg. 28



Daily Essential Oil Ritual: 

  1. Choose an essential oil / blend. Be sure to choose one with properties you most wish to embody. 
  2. Carry the essential oil with you - whether on your skin or in one of our crystal Sacred Alchemy necklaces.
  3. When you feel the day getting to be too much, take a breath. Pull out your chosen essential oil. Repeat to yourself: “I am an alchemist. This situation is what I make it.” Then apply the essential oil on your wrists or take a deep breath of its scent. Let the scent wash over you and ground you in the moment. 
  4. Open your eyes and see the situation with a new perspective. 


 If you are unsure where to start with essential oils, here is a useful guide for basic, easy-to-find oils:

Calming Essential Oils:

Lavender: Derived from Latin lavera (“to wash”), as it was used in Roman baths, Lavender is incredibly versatile and powerful. Greeks, Romans, and Persians burned bushels of lavender in sick rooms. A spectacular healer, it is sedative and an antidepressant. Useful to treat headaches, insomnia, nervousness, stress, tension, and as an insect deterrent.

Affirmation: I am calm and capable. 

 Jasmine is hand-picked at dawn when their aroma is most intense. This flower is used in India to woo women, and is heavily associated with romance and good fortune. The oil is calming and sedative, and is useful to treat nervousness, stress, lethargy, apathy, fatigue, insecurity, low self esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Affirmation: I bloom even in the darkest of times. 

Cooling Essential Oils:

Peppermint: According to Greek mythology, the genus Mentha takes its name from the nymph Minthe, who had an affair with Hades. Jealous Persephone changed her into a nondescript plant and trod her into the ground, but Hades turned the plant into an herb people would appreciate and value until the end of time.

Peppermint is loved and used especially for issues of the digestive tract (indigestion, flatulence, IBS, nausea) and is cooling. It is useful for treatment of headaches, migraines, fatigue, and mental exhaustion.

Affirmation: I am clear headed and focused. 

Eucalyptus: Many people may know of the Eucalyptus plant through koala bears, as they are usually depicted munching on the leaves. This oil is useful for respiratory conditions, headaches, mental exhaustion, fatigue, and for treating muscular aches and pains. It cools the body in summer and warms it in winter.

Affirmation: I am at ease and take things at my ease. 

Energizing Essential oils:

Lemon: Unknown in Europe until Alexander the Great brought it from Asia, Lemon is thought to originate from India. This uplifting scent is calming but also stimulating. Aids in focus and concentration, and is useful for loss of appetite, fatigue, anxious depression, and nervous tension.

Affirmation: I am bright and full of energy. 

Rosemary: Used throughout known history and appears in all old herbals, Rosemary has long been known as a plant to enhance memory. In Europe, it was widely used at weddings and funerals. Restorative while also stimulating the physical body and mind, it helps you face a stressful day; or after having a hell of a day.

Affirmation: I am curious and centered. 

Divine Feminine Essential Oils:

Rose: One of the oldest flowers in cultivation, the Rose was grown in the ancient gardens of western Asia and north-eastern Africa. Associated with poetry as far back as we can go, tied to royalty and mythology alike. Associated with beauty, youth, and love.

In Greek mythology, the rose was created by Chloris, the deity of flowers, when she found the body of a nymph, and despaired at the death of something so beautiful. She used the help of Aphrodite, the Three Graces, Zephyrus, Apollo, and Dionysus to transform the deceased nymph into a rose, and this flower was crowned the queen of all flowers by Zeus for its charm and beauty.

Rose essential oil is an antidepressant, calmative, hypnotic, and sedative; useful for anxiety, nervous tension, stress, and treating scars.

Affirmation: I am divine as I am. 


    Add 2-3 drops to a bath to create an aromatic experience. Put a few drops under your pillow to ease your sleep. Create a spray to use in your room to enhance energy. Truly embody the practice of alchemy by creating your own blend - a personal favorite is a mix of lavender and lemon. 

    However you use these essential oils, remember this:
    You are the alchemist

    What will you transform?


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