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The Witch Archetype: Persephone

Hello goddess.

Last time, we dove into the soil and roots of the Mother.

Sometimes, the Mother archetype can be triggering for those of us with Mother wounds–when unconditional love is in its shadow of conditional love, the sentiment of, “I have done so much for you, and this is how you repay me?” Or, “I have done this, so you owe me that.” Where what should be freely given has its own terms and conditions.

As we move through the archetypes, you may find yourself invited into your depths, your shadows, but just know: This is okay. This is how we learn to embody them all, so we may embrace our truest, fullest being, our Goddess.
And no one knows the darkness more intimately than our next Goddess…

Persephone: The Witch

your hands in the depths;
know the importance of darkness
to find the true you.

You like the world a certain way; and when it doesn’t align with what you want, you sow the seeds to bring it to life. You know what it is to be dark and forgotten, but to still be joyful. You are the person people see as lighthearted and without care, but when they hear of your story, they ask: “And you can still smile after all of that?”

Persephone is the initiation. She is the ever lovely maiden who knows what it is to traverse the depths of the Underworld and still wish to see flowers bloom. She is the grace in lessons learned, and through the journey, you became kind, became soft. She is the bloom, ever opening, ever wilting, ever blossoming again.

If this archetype resonates with you, she asks you to connect to your cycles, for it is there you find your power. Either use your own menstrual cycle as a guide, or follow the moon’s dance through the sky. There are always times of higher energy and lower energy; of when to plan, and when to act. Observe the world around you and see how you interact with it–and how it interacts with you. Your magic lies in your receptivity, so lean into your softness, your vulnerability, your openness.

She is the magic, for she can take what she has learned and apply it to the world to bring light and to bring things into bloom again - just by being, by opening. Rejoice the beauty of you, for you have gone through so much, and still have an open, loving heart.

To channel this archetype, reflect on all the mistakes, the traumas, the darkness–and see the lesson in them. See how they have brought you to where you are. Journal about it, dance about it. Find the joy in the little wins–however that looks to you.

Goddess Activation: Embracing your Shadow.

Do this either at night or in a dark room. Find a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down. Breathe. Invite all the dark thoughts, the thoughts you hide from, in, but observe them. Let your bad thoughts be bad thoughts and bad feelings be bad feelings. They do not define you, who you are. Let them flow through your body, and let them go. If you need to move to release them, move. Know that you are safe.

When you feel like you have completed, give yourself a hug. Tell yourself: I see you. I feel you. I embrace all that you are with love. I release you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Persephone asks: “How can you celebrate and love yourself in your darkness?”

Remember, goddess, your shadow is as much a part of you as your light.

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